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I’ve been in my current position for three years, and for all of that time have been dealing with Edge’s excellent support staff. I’ve always been very impressed with the helpfulness, friendliness, and fast response time. I could easily list the names of a half a dozen folks who help me out on a regular basis. I’m always amazed at their level of knowledge and helpfulness in resolving issues. They always take whatever issue I’m having very seriously and manage to understand my issue no matter how badly I may have expressed it. They often go out of their way to make sure that we have the best possible resolution, and they don’t close the ticket until it is really resolved.

Vernon Horn

“When we approached Edge, we knew they would step up to the challenge. We wanted to ensure consistent performance to our clients abroad by placing workloads closest to our new users, Edge worked closely with us on this critical proof of concept leveraging AWS’s global presence. Edge worked closely with C Systems Global to make the iMIS stack amenable to the AWS Cloud environment. The result has exceeded our expectations with no downtime, latency or performance issues. We literally broke the system to evaluate restoration times and within an hour we were fully recovered. This proof of concept has transformed our ability to efficiently and cost effectively deliver iMIS as a SaaS product anywhere in the world. Edge has been an integral part of our overall strategy to increase C Systems’ global footprint.”

Jim Schandall
IT Manager

We have been with Edge for over 10 years now—after experiencing their responsive and proactive customer service for our dedicated environments, we couldn’t imagine using another hosting company! We are extremely pleased with our choice in Edge. They are more than a hosting service—we like to think of them as an extension to our IT team.

Jason Daiger
Director of IT

Edge Hosting has become the poster-company for good service when I talk about contractors and firms. I wish they were all easy to work with.

Jasmine Sante

When searching for a good hosting company, one must not only look at uptime ratios, technologies supported or costs. You must look at customer service, and Edge Hosting delivers and delivers and…you get the point. We chose Edge Hosting after researching literally hundreds of hosting companies throughout the country. Our requirements were nothing short of a 24/7 world-class website, and Edge Hosting continues to outdo itself every time we need its expertise. What a pleasure to find a company that still understands total customer satisfaction!

Jerry Doremus
Chief Information Officer

What an easy transition! We just moved to Edge Hosting based on the positive experiences of some of our associates. I have been through a couple of site moves in the past. This was the smoothest by far. We are looking forward to the strong ColdFusion support the Edge Hosting team offers. Thanks!

Michael Robertson