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5 Ways to Open a Ticket in the Edge Portal

The Support section of the Edge Portal is a great way to review the status of your tickets or get in touch with Edge Support if any questions or technical issues come up regarding your website or application’s hosted environment.

You can also directly communicate with our support team so that you can continue on with your work with minimal interruptions. You can also review the history of your tickets.

From the Support section, you will be able to:

  • Check on the status of your support tickets
  • Create new tickets
  • See a history of past interactions with Edge Support and continue conversations
  • Close tickets when your issue has been resolved
  • Subscribe additional people, either at Edge or your internal organization, to receive notifications for a ticket.

Take a look at the steps below to learn how to get started with Support Inbox.



Navigate to the New Support Ticket page by One of Five Ways

1. In the Open Tickets widget on the Home page, click on the green plus symbol.

2. In the Open Tickets widget on the Dashboard page, click on the green plus symbol.

3. Hover over the envelope icon, which is present at the top of the application from any page, and click on the green plus symbol.

4. On the left menu bar, expand the menu by clicking the down arrow, then click the link “Add New Ticket”.

5. From the Home or Dashboard Page click on the blue Tickets module to go to the support page. From here you can click on the green plus icon in the Ticket History widget or the “Open New Ticket” button at the bottom of the page.

Create New Support Ticket

Create your ticket by completing a Summary and detailed explanation of the issue that you are having as well as choose a Priority. Under the module labeled Systems, you can select the device that you are having issues with by highlighting it and clicking the right arrow. Multiple devices can be selected. To remove a device, simply highlight it on the right panel and click the left arrow. Finally, you have the ability to select which users in your organization you would like to receive notifications when the ticket is updated.


Call us at 866-334-3932

Or email us at tech_support@edgehosting.com

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