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Dustin Roller

EDGE is the clear leader we have a clustered high availability hosted at EDGE (Clustered App servers and back-end DB). Our web application is used by nearly 100,000 users nationwide and we were experiencing stability and performance degradation at our existing hosting provider about a year ago, necessitating a change. We researched all of the competent hosting companies in the US and although EDGE was not the least expensive, their obvious expertise, responsiveness and customer-service-focused approach was appealing enough for us to give them our business.

A year later my only regret is that we didn’t find EDGE sooner and make the switch long, long ago. The knowledge and experience of the EDGE team, coupled with their willingness to provide immediate and relevant assistance with technical support issues has made them an invaluable partner in the expansion and growth of our company. Beyond that, we have had ZERO unplanned down time in the year-plus that we have been with EDGE and they have made several proactive recommendations regarding our architecture that prepared us effectively for handing additional load and system utilization.

Everyone that we have interacted with at EDGE has been incredibly proficient, professional and responsive. Having worked with a large number of both internal and external Tech Ops/Hosting organizations, I can unequivocally say that our experience with EDGE has vastly surpassed our expectations and we have been absolutely thrilled with them as our choice of a hosting provider. I would recommend them, without question, to any organization that wants the peace of mind that comes with having a rock-solid and highly-competent group ensuring the availability and stability of their web-based solutions.

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