Edge Helps Launch e-Publishing Platform Worthy of Royal Celebration

About iFactory

iFactory develops and implements mission-critical sophisticated data-driven transactional websites responsible for millions of dollars of revenue for its customer base. Since 1996, the company has built and launched countless websites.

iFactory’s latest venture, PubFactory, launched as an online publishing application for books, reference works and research journals. Through iFactory’s platform, the company not only monitors content on its client websites, but it also serves as the backbone that allows client websites to operate and generate revenue.

The Oxford University Press, the world’s largest university press, is perhaps the product’s most recognized client. With PubFactory, Oxford University Press was recently able to put the entire Oxford English Dictionary online for public use, an occasion so monumental that Queen Elizabeth II hosted its launch party.

Other high-profile PubFactory clients include Bloomsbury Publishing, which publishes the Harry Potter books, the International Monetary Fund and Harvard University Press.

The Challenge – Finding the Perfect Partner

iFactory did not want to move forward with PubFactory’s launch until it had a reliable hosting partner in place. Clients such as Oxford University Press, which invest significant resources in hosting content through an outside provider, expect outstanding service as part of their package. As a result, iFactory wasn’t willing to compromise when selecting a hosting provider for PubFactory.

Scott Cipriano, Director of Product Operations at iFactory, wanted total assurance that no unexpected surprises would occur during the product’s launch. He sought a hosting solution that would be highly available and scalable, all while keeping the costs predictable. In short, he needed a partner who could grow along with his company and accommodate the mission-critical nature of PubFactory.

The Solution – A Familiar Friend

iFactory didn’t have to look very far to find Edge Hosting, as the two already worked together. Cipriano knew Edge was ideally positioned to help launch PubFactory and keep its system up and running well into the future.

Cipriano says bringing Edge on board was a smart decision, particularly since his staff was familiar with Edge’s technicians and confident they understood PubFactory’s system inside and out.

With Edge, PubFactory began on a single managed dedicated server and has since moved to a global cluster with high availability F5 load balancers, due to steady growth and increased traffic.

Edge and iFactory often work in tandem to discuss ways to balance PubFactory’s heavy server loads, ultimately preventing overload and PubFactory client downtimes. When a big client comes on board for PubFactory, Edge technicians run calculations on anticipated traffic levels to make certain there is a smooth transition onto the servers.

Results – Consistent Growth for PubFactory

iFactory’s launch of PubFactory has been a success thanks in part to the talented team at Edge Hosting, says Cipriano. Based on the two companies’ longstanding work history together, Edge has been able to truly grasp iFactory’s industry and technology, no easy task according to Cipriano. He admits this fact alone helps Edge provide a level of service and support that a hosting company from “off the street” could not do.

Cipriano knows there’s a lot of competition when choosing a hosting provider and the process can get overwhelming. He says, “We have a lot of options when it comes to hosting vendors, and Edge is the only one that’s managed to deliver consistent results for us.”

For Cipriano, the biggest reason Edge has stood the test of time has been its superior level of service. When a company’s entire business or product is on the Internet, such is the case for PubFactory, uptime is everything. Edge completely understands that fact and knows exactly what iFactory needs to help it reach it’s long-term and short-term goals for PubFactory.

Since working with Edge Hosting, iFactory has seen a 20 percent annual growth rate of the PubFactory product, which Cipriano knows wouldn’t be possible without Edge’s consistent performance.

He says, “The expertise and high level of proactive service Edge offers is a major reason we’ve been able to enjoy the amount of growth we have had with the PubFactory product. They are a true partner in our success.”