Edge Sheds Light on Blue Sky Factory’s Mission-Critical Email Marketing Services

About Blue Sky Factory

Blue Sky Factory (BSF) is a global email marketing firm that operates entirely online. The company deploys billions of emails each year and ensures that if clients follow the company’s lead and advice, their emails will reach recipients’ inboxes. As a result, delivering mail at high volumes and speeds are essential to the business’s success and continued growth. Clients depend on BSF to distribute their targeted email campaigns to their customers all over the world at all times of the day.

The Challenge – A Business-Changing Decision

During the early 2000’s, BSF experienced significant client growth and doubled in size. The IT department, the company’s lifeline, was outgrowing its only server, and its current data center was becoming obsolete.

BSF CEO, Greg Cangialosi, says, “Our stress point came in 2006 when our data center was being pushed to the absolute limit and a decision about our future needed to be made.”

He continues, “We didn’t want a temporary IT solution. We wanted a hosting provider that could be with us for the long haul and see our big picture.”

BSF hired a director of technology to determine the best direction to go when looking for a managed hosting provider.

BSF knew it needed a hosting provider that had experience with PowerMTA, the leading email gateway software, and high availability .NETclustered servers. Just as important was BSF’s desire to have 24/7 access to highly trained hosting technicians. These items were non-negotiable and would be essential in transforming BSF’s technology infrastructure.

The Solution – Clustering with Plans for Growth

BSF management knew its area of expertise was in product development and architecture—not hosting—and the company had no intention of bringing those resources in-house. A search for a hosting provider began.

Cangialosi says of the hosting provider selection process, “We were looking to find a partner who could handle infrastructure for us and could constantly monitor our servers.”

Cangialosi explains that when narrowing down the competition, Edge stood out above the rest due to its proficiency in .NET clustered hosting with F5 load balancers, a critical component for BSF based on its need for high availability due to peaks in email activity.

Edge’s main selling point, though, was that its team completely understood BSF’s technology needs were mission-critical and could never have a single moment of downtime.

Results – Knowing Everything is Under Control

BSF’s entire technology infrastructure has improved since starting with Edge, and its email marketing business is thriving. Even BSF’s client relationships have grown as the result of its solid partnership with Edge. Thanks to Edge’s strong communication skills, the BSF team can be proactive when notifying clients about planned updates or temporary restrictions on the BSF email application.

On his feelings about working with Edge, Cangialosi says, “I’m writing a check every month, and it’s basically an investment in risk management as we protect one of our most precious assets, our entire technology infrastructure. When you visit Edge Hosting’s facility, you get the sense it’s a good place to have your servers, and you know they have their arms wrapped around everything.”

For instance, Edge has gone above and beyond to prevent spam flagging, a serious issue that can arise when sending a massive amount of emails at once. Edge support staff carefully monitors BSF’s network to ensure this problematic situation never occurs. They also work in tandem with BSF to perform application updates during late night hours.

BSF views its relationship with Edge as a genuine partnership, not just another vendor on their list. Edge works with BSF to determine if updates that require additional levels of data are necessary, sometimes including the configuration of a new database server. The two companies also have routine conversations about storage issues and whether updates are needed to accommodate BSF’s overall storage needs.

Cangialosi says of their history together, “When you think about a company whose entire business is mission-critical technology if our platform goes down, we’re out of business. We have a little window of time to get it back up, and I think that since we’ve been working with Edge, it’s been minimal.”