Customers come to Edge for better service and measurable, dependable server hosting.

And our enterprise email gives you the same peace of mind. 97% of all email processed is spam and viruses, so email hosting is protected by our 5-Tier Security platform which includes our enterprise anti-virus system, as well as our premium anti-spam solution.

Edge offers two enterprise email hosting options that can be purchased as addons to customers’ managed hosting solutions. And email hosting with Edge saves money, time and hassle, because it too, is completely managed.


Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an enterprise-class open-source email, calendar and collaboration server. A webmail interface that’s intuitive for both casual and power email users.
AJAX Web technology. Share files and eliminate attachments with cloud-based file storage.
Deployed on Linux and Mac server hardware. Respond quicker with follow-up flagging.
Document storage and editing, instant messaging and simplified administratice controls. Link tasks to emails for greater efficiency and better organization.
Syncs to desktop client applications and over air sync to smartphones (iPhone, Android and Blackberry). Comprehensive Search Indexing
Increases productivity and decreases total cost of ownership. Scalable. Compatible with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and more.