Application Management

Experienced Edge engineers are available to help you understand, run,
and troubleshoot server software & applications round the clock.

To further help our customers operate and manage their websites and businesses, Edge has experience providing software support for a comprehensive suite of server software. And our in-house engineers are available round the clock for consultations and assistance. We’re not just hosting servers, we’re hosting software.

Our engineers excel with iMIS, CommonSpot, PHP (including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!), PowerMTA and many more. We understand server software, how to run it and troubleshoot it, and our experience allows us to anticipate and prevent issues.

Edge doesn’t just deliver a server. We take the time to understand you, your goals, budget, what your server software does and how it works to ensure we deliver a fully configured platform that is secure, always on and within your budget. Focusing on your success ensures our success.

And every customer’s platform is protected by Edge’s 5-Tier Security platform, which includes Web application firewalls, intrusion detection and anti-virus systems.

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