Disaster Recovery

No one can keep every disaster or catastrophe from happening. But you’ll be far safer with Edge’s Disaster Recovery (DR) working for you. The best part? Cold DR comes standard for every single customer.

No matter what might happen — from a natural disaster to a catastrophic failure to some event no one’s yet imagined or experienced — your data and your reputation are all that matter to us.

That’s why Edge’s DR services, including backups, replication and redundant data centers, are among the most advanced, comprehensive and proven anywhere, from any provider.

While Cold DR is standard for all Edge customers, we also provide the enhanced protection of Warm DR and, for companies requiring the most robust recovery protection, we offer Hot DR. Which one is right for you depends upon your needs and budget, all of which can change as your environment’s requirements do.

No matter which level of Edge Disaster Recovery is right for your site or application, you’re assured that you’ll always meet regulatory compliance requirements, you’ll always be protected from even the most audacious attacks, and you’ll always, always keep the only kind of time we know: Uptime.

Cold Sites


A cold site is the most simplistic type of DR recovery site. A cold site consists of elements to provide power and networking capability as well as cooling. It does not include other hardware elements such as servers and storage. The use of a cold site is very limiting to a business since before it can be used, backup data along with some additional hardware must be sent to the site and installed. This will impede workflow.

Warm Sites


Warm sites contain all the elements of a cold site, adding to them additional elements including storage hardware such as tape or disk drives along with both servers and switches. Warm sites are “ready to go” in one sense, but they still need to have data transported to them for use in recovery should a disaster occur.

Hot Sites


A hot site is a fully functional backup site that already has important data mirrored to it. This is the ideal disaster recovery site, but can be challenging attain.

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