High Availability Hosting

Edge’s High Availability Hosting goes beyond providing more servers. It also provides far more experience.

When your bottom line is dependent upon your site or application always being up, then High Availability Hosting is what you need.

And while most providers of High Availability Hosting have the servers, Edge brings 17 years of experience in configuring servers to best reduce risk, prevent failure and, of course, deliver, the high availability you expect and need.

You might be new to High Availability Hosting or looking to migrate your environment. Either way, our team is here to learn about your environment, identify the key challenges you’re currently having and work with your IT team hand-in-hand in developing a solution and setting up milestones to ensure we’re not only preventing problems, but also anticipating them to cause you less disruptions.

To do that, we carefully consider the application stack, disk i/o, CPU and memory utilization, percentage of code vs. media served, number of concurrent users, session persistence, database performance, projected growth, and potential traffic surges. All to provide you with the availability you need and the 100% uptime you deserve.

High Availability Hosting with Edge includes:
  • 5-Tier Security protection with decrypted traffic inspection and dedicated firewalls (high availability optional)
  • High availability F5 load balancers with SSL off-loading
  • Private VLANS with 1GbE switch ports for internal traffic
  • Secure segregated DMZs for Web, application and database servers
  • 1 Gb public Internet uplinks
  • FREE technology refresh to new, upgraded hardware after every 36 months
  • Server and application monitoring and recovery

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