CDN Hosting

Edge’s CDN hosting speeds up your site, load balances your traffic
and improves performance so content loads faster for your audience.

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers that speeds up your site, load balances network traffic, and improves performance.

Using a caching CDN helps to maintain the kind of web hosting performance that keeps your customers happy. And it lets you keep your focus on your business and not worry about how quickly your content is reaching your visitors

Edge has partnered with leading cloud CDN services provider Edgecast to offer CDN services designed to make your content just milliseconds away from your visitors – wherever in the world they are.

How CDN services work to speed up your web presence?

Our CDN hosting gives you a world of advantages by making content load faster by putting it closer to your audience. Each of our caching servers is situated in one of 21 different locations across four continents. These cloud CDN caching servers are able to dynamically load content from any of your servers, delivering content from the local cache the next time that somebody requests your dynamic content.

Reduced costs

CDN services reduce the stress that your web hosting server is under, reducing the likelihood that you will need to invest in scaling your hosting.

Improved speed on non-cached content

CDN hosting can only cache static content, but with much of your server load now offloaded to the CDN, your server is better able to cope with serving dynamic content directly.

Better website availability

Even if your primary server becomes unavailable, cached copies of your content can still be delivered directly from the CDN hosting network. Any downtime becomes completely invisible to your users, which is precisely how you want downtime to appear.

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