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Companies who have developed or are developing a product requiring a secure compliant hosted environment can easily become overwhelmed by ambiguous and ever-changing regulations. This distracts business owners from the true nature of their business and can quickly deplete costly IT resources. Hosting with Edge delivers commercial businesses, government agencies and SaaS providers the compliance controls, 100% uptime and the level of security required to go to market faster, better and more cost-effectively. For products already on the market, Edge’s onboarding and implementation experts can quickly ramp up a secure and compliant environment resulting in reduced operational burn and a strong competitive advantage for your product.

Edge delivers value

  • IT and business professionals who may be resource-constrained, or desire to transfer or share risk for their mission critical hosted product can cost-effectively outsource security services to keep their application compliant and performing to their customer’s expectations.
  • IT and business professionals looking to go to market with high barriers of entry in a competitive compliance segment can look to Edge’s consultative managed services to quickly address security requirements including encryption while sharing risk to troubleshoot downtime or security attacks.
  • Hosted products governed by regulations that have had negative security incidents, including downtime, can trust Edge to securely and effectively manage sensitive regulated environments. Edge’s 5-Tier secure environment proactively manages and monitors hosted products to ensure 100% uptime while thwarting millions of daily attacks.

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To get started with exploring solutions for your business needs, Edge Hosting offers a free initial solutions consultation. This is an important part of our process. Too often the “one size fits all” approach is used by other vendors. While this may work for some, we find that doing things the right way the first time is the best way to achieve success.  Use the link below to let us know how we can help. Let’s build something great together.

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