HIPAA Compliant Hosting & Strategic Cloud Solutions

Edge’s HIPAA-compliant hosting environment and unrivaled monitoring services significantly reduce the time to compliance for healthcare organizations and software application providers alike.

We would tell you how important HIPAA compliance is – but you know this already. Healthcare has gone digital. From electronic health records to payer health care portals to medical device and wearable connectivity, the health care industry is striving for better patient outcomes through sophisticated technology. The steady move to digital has resulted in an avalanche of data that requires the utmost privacy as regulated by the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Whether you’re waiting in a line for a prescription or securing protected health information (PHI) in the cloud, HIPAA is strictly mandated across health care segments. The cost of non-compliance can result in PHI landing in the hands of a criminal hacker, costly fines and damaged business reputations.

HIPAA compliance without complexity.

Edge is here to free you from the complex process of achieving a HIPAA compliant environment leveraging our domain expertise and years of experience. Our consultative process ensures that all of your business needs are addressed as cost effectively as possible.

Edge is your partner throughout the life of our relationship. Along with our experience, we provide assurance by signing a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) that stands behind your cloud solution.

Reduce the time-to-market

To use evolved architectural patterns, tools, and technologies to more efficiently move applications to the cloud.

Better manage costs

Predictable, scalable cost model versus making sizable capital investments every one, two or three years.

Proactive service

Reduce burden on our customer’s IT team by being first responders, extend value of PaaS to their end users.

  • We open 70% of tickets for issue resolution
  • 95% of tickets do not require escalation to customer

Highly flexible solutions

Spin up or spin down capacity incrementally according needs.

Client-centric BAA

Our shared risk model allows the customer to transfer as much as 80% of HIPAA controls to Edge as the service provider.

Edge’s Value Proposition – strong pedigree in the hosting and cloud services industry

  • High touch proactive 24/7 SOC/NOC – Managed Services
  • FedRAMP/HIPAA-HITECH/SSAE 16/18 SOC2 certified facilities, infrastructure, and operations
  • Best practice architectural design patterns for secure and scalable hosting
  • Compliance enablement and audit support
  • Secure facilities on the East and West coasts
  • IaaS/PaaS design for secure compliant High Availability applications
  • Comprehensive tools stack and security tools/SOC operations
  • Continuous Monitoring/NOC operations

Read how the Edge team was able to transform Surgical Information System’s on premise software to the cloud reducing the costs and complexity for HIPAA compliance.
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