FedRAMP Compliant Solutions

Edge Hosting’s goal is to help Federal Agencies, Systems Integrators and SaaS Providers simplify the process of transforming their infrastructure and applications into a FedRAMP Compliant Managed Cloud. Navigating FedRAMP regulations, developing a System Security Plan (SSP), and ensuring operations to be compliant doesn’t have to be complex and costly.

Edge, a supplier of secure FedRAMP IaaS and PaaS solutions, holds an authorization from the Federal Energy Regulator Commission (FERC) and services seven other agencies.

Vendors to the federal government can greatly benefit from partnering with an experienced FedRAMP-compliant Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to accelerate the transformation to cloud based products. Our team of experts stay on top of the constantly evolving regulations and cybersecurity threats so you can focus on selling the value of your product to federal, state and local governments.

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This complimentary ebook provides a clear understanding of FedRAMP and a roadmap to achieving FedRAMP compliant hosting through working with Cloud Service Providers.

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