When you depend on your infrastructure, outcomes matter.
CloudPlus = IaaS + scalability + security + managed services

Edge Hosting’s CloudPlus platform delivers value with a dependable IaaS enterprise cloud, scalable software, secure perimeters and managed services.

CloudPlus was designed to put you in control where you need to be – on your business. Our platform begins with a rock solid underlying IaaS enterprise cloud using best-of-breed technologies including VMware, Cisco UCS blade servers, SSD accelerated storage and 80 Gigabit Cisco Nexus Networking. Through our advanced Customer Portal you can gauge the health of your hosted environment and see real-time analytics on our managed services including 24/7/365 support that is entirely U.S. based.

Being focused on business outcomes means we deliver beyond servers, cores, gigs, and bandwidth. We understand your workloads; then design, implement and manage the infrastructure 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Eliminate Iterations and Shorten Time to Market

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Secure / Compliant

CloudPlus is built with security at its core. With 5 Tier security, we included IPS, dedicated firewalls for every customer, private VLAN isolation for workloads and enterprise anti-virus as standard features.

Our compliant cloud solutions include web application firewalls, DDoS protection, File Integrity Monitoring, Log Offloading, Dual Factor Authentication, Encryption and Private Infrastructure.

You’ll achieve PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP and SSAE16 compliancy faster and more cost-effectively. And you can easily track cyber threats with our Security Dashboard in the Edge Customer Portal in real time.

Lightning Fast / Built to Scale

Designed to be half as dense and twice as fast for the most efficiency. You now have the power to auto-scale your CPU, RAM, and Storage via simple rules that you define. This allows you to burst to thousands of IOPS on SSD accelerated storage when demand swells.

We’re constantly monitoring and benchmarking CloudPlus performance to ensure your applications are lightning fast.graph-ico-02




Dependable / Flexible

Your customers expect 100% uptime, and we work in partnership with you to deliver it. CloudPlus is over-provisioned at possible choke points, redundant at every possible failure point and built to ensure your applications are always online. Workload portability means you can scale up/down between Public Cloud and Private Cloud for extra horsepower as needed.

Flexible pay-as-you-grow model auto-scaling cloud resources, storage, and backup options from 1 to 365 day backup ensures you have the right solution for every workload.

Compliance is more than a list of check boxes; it’s an investment in your customers’ trust. That’s why Edge is committed to delivering beyond compliance, taking most of the burden off your company’s shoulders and helping you focus on your business.

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