Your non-profit’s best solution to making sure your iMIS and other applications are always up.
So your donations will be, too.

No matter what kind of nonprofit you run — a large charity, a local arts council, a foundation, a professional or alumni organization — Edge provides nonprofit expertise in managed hosting to you.

Edge’s highly trained, fully dedicated 24/7/ 365 engineers and tech support will monitor, recover, back-up, patch and have full responsibility over all your hardware, software, database and security.

We understand the challenges that nonprofits face, especially when it comes to not having an extensive IT department at your fingertips. Which is why we work as an extension of your IT department to make sure that you’re fully supported, so you can focus on your nonprofit while we focus on keeping your website and data secure.

“When we approached Edge, we knew they would step up to the challenge. We wanted to ensure consistent performance to our clients abroad by placing workloads closest to our new users, Edge worked closely with us on this critical proof of concept leveraging AWS’s global presence. Edge worked closely with C Systems Global to make the iMIS stack amenable to the AWS Cloud environment. The result has exceeded our expectations with no downtime, latency or performance issues. We literally broke the system to evaluate restoration times and within an hour we were fully recovered. This proof of concept has transformed our ability to efficiently and cost effectively deliver iMIS as a SaaS product anywhere in the world. Edge has been an integral part of our overall strategy to increase C Systems’ global footprint.”

Jim Schandall
IT Manager

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Nonprofit's Guide to Hosting


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Edge has been in the business of hosting iMIS for the non-profit and association communities for more than 10 years. We know what’s important: It’s got to be up, it’s got to be fast, it’s got to be secure and it’s got to be at a predictable cost. Here’s why it pays to host your iMIS servers and applications with Edge:

Always online with 100% uptime SLA

They say an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“. Edge expert engineers monitor your servers and applications 24/7/365. Our team responds to all server alarms, performs ongoing maintenance, system patching, backups, tech support and security so you don’t have to. Empower your IT resources to stay focused on projects that make a difference instead of day-to-day operational tasks.

Extend your IT resources

Non-profits are often short of IT resources and we’re here to help. Our team of over 50 Microsoft, SQL, Linux, Cisco, and VMware certified engineers are here to extend your team and make sure the right resources are available when you need them around the clock. We have extensive experience hosting iMIS and other applications commonly used by associations and non-profits. If you have questions about an IT strategy related to your hosted platform, just ask. Because we’ve been managing more than 2,000 devices for over a decade, chances are good we’ve heard your question before and have your answers.

Safe from hackers

Like it or not, the bad guys are out there and they want your data. While security can be costly, it’s nothing compared to the costs associated with a data breach. We believe that security should be standard for every customer, and that it lowers your long-term operating costs. Intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, firewalls, and anti-virus are all standard and a number of enhanced compliance services for PCI and HIPAA are available.

Predictable costs

Our “no surprises“ pricing is a leading value in hosting for a simple reason: We’ve designed our iMIS hosting platform to eliminate risk and unforeseen costs. The impact of downtime is major: dues aren’t collected and new members can’t join or manage their accounts. Edge has designed solutions that avoid these problems. That’s why we’ve been trusted by top iMIS resellers, non-profits and associations for more than 10 years.



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