May 23, 2017

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How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck on AWS

For the public cloud, there’s no option more popular right now than AWS. As of February 2017, AWS holds about 40% of the IaaS and PaaS sector, more than Microsoft, Google and IBM combined.

Based on its market dominance, AWS might seem like a one-stop shop solution for your business, but that’s not always the case. If you really want to exploit the benefits of AWS services, a hosting partner that manages your AWS solution may be your best option.

When It Comes to AWS, Planning Is Everything

The main functions that AWS provides include compute and networking, storage, content delivery, databases, deployment and management, and application services. Within each function, there are multiple service options creating a plethora of choices that can quickly get unwieldly for those uninitiated with the details of AWS.

AWS charges for each EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instance for every hour of every day, and every element is consumption based. So, in essence, you are billed for everything that you are consuming. One industry report analyzing over 10,000 machines found that 33% of AWS instances are idle and another 33% were over-provisioned.2 The right managed hosting partner will monitor your running instances and implement an appropriately sized configuration. Rightsizing instances immediately translates to cost savings.

Proven Architectural Design Patterns Drive Efficiency

With a deep understanding of your application up front, a managed hosting partner can help craft a proven architecture that drives your AWS cloud strategy and desired business outcome. For example, Edge employs continuous monitoring and capacity planning from our ScienceLogic-based solutions that are deeply integrated with AWS.  This ensures you get the most value from your infrastructure, while eliminating costly surprises.

In addition, observing historical usage data helps plan for all types of resource consumption – from storage and backups, to bandwidth and instance sizes – all of which will help determine the right AWS infrastructure for you. Edge works closely with you to determine the right technologies needed for your critical functions, optimizing your AWS solution to deliver the best value for your hosting budget.

How Shared Responsibility Impacts the Cost of Security and Compliance

If your AWS solution requires compliance, then mature processes, procedures and controls must be in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your applications. 

AWS is clear and up front about its shared responsibility model. AWS is responsible for managing the security of the cloud. The data that’s in the cloud is your responsibility.

As the diagram shows below, with a managed hosting partner you gain more control coverage reducing the burden on your team. A partner increases the control coverage for application and data transferring the cost, risk, and round-the-clock operations to our teams. Tasks often taken for granted such as daily reviews, log offloading, configuration, and compliance scanning, as well as remediation of issues can all be transferred to your service provider. This ensures important compliance tasks are performed on a daily basis. With transparency into those tasks, your team is better prepared for audits. 

Risk management is an essential part of successful compliance. For example, A HIPAA breach can cost a company upwards of $1.5 million. In the case of HIPAA, Edge signs a BAA that backs up your AWS cloud solution, helping you with compliance from day one. An AWS certified partner such as Edge will help ensure your data meets compliance standards so that you can continue to provide your customers with quality service and peace of mind.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Good Design

Your AWS solution needs to be flexible and tailored specifically to your business to achieve optimal results. Beyond having a solid plan for a move to AWS, you need a tested and proven architectural design along with smart, proactive people bolstering the technology that best supports your business.

The results of planning and properly architecting the design of your AWS solution can significantly lower your costs. You’ll also gain the time-saving benefits of eliminating significant work hours for troubleshooting and patching holes in the design, as well as the number of web service calls you may have to make to smooth over sticky situations.

Trust Edge Hosting to architect your AWS solution and we’ll help ensure that you experience the perfect balance of performance, efficiency, and security from your AWS solution. Edge Hosting has almost two decades of demonstrated service delivery. The frameworks we architect run efficiently and help minimize risk. Over 70% of all support tickets are proactively opened by the Edge support team to prevent problems, and 95% of alarms are resolved without escalation to our customers.

Learn more about Edge Hosting’s AWS managed cloud services.

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