November 24, 2015

Top 5 Things IT Professionals are Thankful For


Top 5 Things IT Professionals Are Thankful For

It’s five p.m. on a Friday. You are about to shut down your computer when you see the most dreaded of all email subjects, URGENT. An urgent email for a marketing manager or HR recruiter most likely requires an extra hour or two in the office. However, for the IT professional, it could entail dropping everything and preparing for the long night ahead.

Being the IT Manager can be tough. Long hours, complex IT environments, and keeping your organization’s systems afloat is at times a daunting job requiring an “on-call” mindset and undeniable dedication.

However, the IT professional role is also extremely rewarding. Let’s take a step back and reflect upon the positive aspects of an often high-stress and taxing position and examine what IT professionals are thankful for this time of year. It’s also a great time to give thanks to the IT colleagues at your workplace, as you peer into their positions this holiday season.


It is all hands on deck when your website, application, or any part of your environment crashes without a moments notice. Upset employees and visitors alike are only a small portion of the potential damage caused from a site going down.

Uptime is an expectation, but once your environment experiences downtime, you realize the importance of being up and running 100% of the time and truly begin to appreciate it. Downed systems leave IT professionals scrambling to get things back up and running. Uptime allows you to focus your energy and attention on less time-sensitive functions such as creating or upgrading existing systems, building applications and environments, and improving overall operations for your business.

All IT professionals are thankful when uptime isn’t a daily issue to tackle.

Industry-Wide Awareness and Adoption of the Importance of Security

Data security was once something taken for granted within businesses and organizations. That is no longer the case.

70 million consumers were affected by Target’s security breach in 2013. The Washington Post reported on the irrefutable damage caused to Target’s brand by two class action lawsuits, a sales decline of 2.5%, and the loss of trust among millions of customers. John Kindervag, an analyst with Forrester, emphasized the magnitude of the breach stating, “There’s going to be shareholder revolts. There’s going to be prosecutions. They’ve stepped in quicksand. It’s not going to be fun.”

Security and protection against data breaches have quickly become the main technical initiative for any organization that collects personal data. However, IT professionals understand the importance of security long before consumers became aware of Target’s and similar organization’s data breaches.

The IT professional has become a critical part of all organizations in protecting and securing data.

24/7/365 Customer Support, including Holidays

Unforeseen network issues are inevitable, especially within the IT world. Glitches, bugs, and abnormal behavior are constant challenges for every IT professional. Many problems can be solved with the help of your internal IT team; however, some issues require further expertise.

Thankfully, IT professionals who rely on Edge Hosting for managed hosting services have a technical support team, entirely U.S. based, that they can lean on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You never know when a problem or attack will take place, so it’s important to have a support team available at all times. These external teams work as an extension of your IT department and have become crucial in supporting the IT manager role. Their efforts allow IT Managers to become organizational heroes during a technical emergency. An issue that could have taken days to remedy is fixed in hours, or even minutes, with the help of a technical support team.

Being in a Position to Solve Problems by Creating Impactful Solutions

IT professionals have become a pivotal contributor to any organization’s bottom line. These individuals are responsible for refining existing systems as well as improving business operations. No other role makes decisions that affect every department within an organization, and US News and World Report recently ranked the position of IT Manager as the sixth best job in technology.

Innovation and problem solving are key to any organization’s ability to thrive in today’s competitive global marketplace. IT managers have the opportunity to vet vendors, upgrade current systems, and coordinate technology related issues with top executives. Their innovations can improve efficiency and result in organizational success.

A Good Night’s Sleep

And last, but certainly not least, SLEEP.

Science dictates adults need anywhere between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. However cyber threats, downtime, and patching servers are all things that can keep an IT Manager awake. Even on nights when there are no issues, the thought of an unsolved problem can keep these technological loyalists up at night.

The energy and focus that comes from a good night of sleep is priceless. Every IT Manager looks forward to those stress-free nights when they can rest easy, especially during the holidays. One way of resolving this restlessness is partnering with a mission-critical managed hosting provider like Edge Hosting. They work as an extension of your IT department and are available to you 24/7/ 365 – including holidays to anticipate, resolve and prevent IT issues from happening in the first place.
With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the holiday season often creates additional pressure to ensure your organization’s systems are running smoothly. IT professionals know this type of pressure all too well, especially when unexpected technology glitches occur in the middle of the night. This holiday season, don’t be shy about giving thanks to your IT colleagues who keep your company up and running. Behind every perfectly running website is an IT professional who is busily working away to ensure that everything looks great.

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