October 15, 2015

3 Reasons Why Managed Hosting for iMIS is Critical to Nonprofit Success

Managed hosting for iMIS

Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on effective communication to manage donor and member relationships, manage fundraising activities and to educate and earn the trust of both current and prospective donors. iMIS is the premier software for nonprofit engagement, which is why more and more nonprofits turn to iMIS to manage all their organization’s activities. The best part? iMIS now easily integrates with your Content Management System (CMS) giving you the power to manage your entire nonprofit website.

However, even with these capabilities, the need to secure your website, data and transactions require additional support. Think of it this way, if iMIS and your CMS helps you manage your public facing activities, then managed hosting is your website’s security alarm system ready to protect, prevent and anticipate cyber threats that you may be completely unaware of.

For many nonprofits, being understaffed on the IT and technology side is a normal part of the job. These internal resources are oftentimes too costly for nonprofits to afford. Which is why more and more nonprofits are turning to managed hosting as a cost-effective way to extend your IT resources 24/7/365.

These three reasons below show why Managed Hosting is critical to the success of nonprofits who use iMIS to manage your organization’s activities:

1. Increased Expertise

Hosting a website requires IT resources including the technical know-how, employees willing to be on call, extended hours and the ability to make front and back-end program updates. Your nonprofit may not have the budget to pay for the day, swing and overnight shifts, especially if the position involves watching one server. Not having the staff on hand to support these efforts is part of the reason why nonprofits are easily attacked by cyber threats. However, Edge Hosting provides managed hosting with 24/7/365 monitoring and support, providing you a solution that gives your organization flexibility and scalability for a growing environment.

2. Compliance

Your website requires more than the basic form submission box if you want to safely accept credit card payments from members and donors through your site. Today’s gold standard is PCI Compliance, an organization and certification that verifies your entire organization has taken appropriate precautions, from user input to final processing, to safeguard all client data from internal or external vulnerabilities.

Although it’s always considered a good practice to consistently examine your security practices, not every nonprofit has the resources to tediously self-assess their vulnerability. Or perhaps, your nonprofit is a volunteer organization where multiple people have access to the same data resulting in too many security holes to receive compliance. In these and similar organizational environments, partnering with a company that has already received a PCI compliant hosting certification is a more cost effective and better solution.

3. Partnerships

The iMIS community is big on collaboration, whether it’s helping answer questions from other users, suggesting a design idea or incorporating new features, nonprofits are always willing to offer advice. Edge Hosting works with one of the most respected and experienced iMIS integrators and has provided service and support to organizations using iMIS for over a decade.

Having an infrastructure that affords you the scalability, safety, and security to give your nonprofit the freedom to grow your member and donor base is critical. We want to ensure you’re able to leverage your iMIS platform to take your nonprofit to new heights while feeling confident about the infrastructure supporting your iMIS, website, and data security. The best way to accomplish that is by using managed hosting for iMIS.

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