September 10, 2015

Managed Hosting for E-Education: The Importance of 100% Uptime

Managed Hosting for E-Education

$107 Billion – that’s what the online learning industry is expected to hit this year in overall revenue.

The growth of students pursuing distance education is surging. Research shows that nearly 5.3 million students take at least one online class. Enrollment in online classes has increased by 3.7% compared to last year. These numbers demonstrate that more students are pursuing their academic goals at their own convenience by deciding for themselves where and when they want to learn.

Additionally, the number of students enrolling in at least one online course outpaces the rate of overall enrollment in traditional schools. As more students enroll for online education, they are relying on e-education sites to schedule classes, attend lectures and take exams. Can you imagine if downtime plagues the online learning industry by even just 2 or 3% more this year? That could take a substantial chunk out of your institution’s expected revenue. With more students taking courses online, it is critical for your organization to deliver 100% uptime for your students.

That can be difficult to accomplish when you are trying to manage all of your hosting on your own. With managed hosting, your e-education platform is scalable to meet your needs today and for your growth tomorrow.

Online Learning Environments Must Be Reliable

Technology is continuing to transform our everyday lives. With more students attending courses online, the need to manage more data and integrate new technologies becomes increasingly more prevalent. Institutions of higher education are not exempt from pressures to realize 100% uptime and make their platforms more reliable. In truth, there is no choice for colleges and universities. Unreliable learning platforms impact a student’s ability to learn as well as the school’s ability to attract and retain highly-desirable students.

The pressure to provide a dependable user experience makes managed hosting an easy choice. With a managed hosting provider managing your servers, your school is backed by expertise and experience, helping you avoid and eliminate the unknowns that threaten the dependability of your environment.

Managed hosting providers work as an extension to your IT department and ensure that your website is up and running 24/7/365 without disruptions to your student body. Hosting providers work on the backend of a website proactively monitoring, patching, backing up and protecting your data from malicious threats with little to no effort on your part. Additionally, hosting providers run diagnostic tests to ensure that your environment effectively uses resources so that there are no technical conflicts that cause outages for your students.

Managed Hosting Enhances Student Security

Any student enrolled at a college or university trusts the school to protect their sensitive information. Whether it’s the social security numbers of your students to their grades, jeopardizing student security can place your institution in an ugly legal battle that could damage your school’s reputation and bottom line. Fortunately, managed hosting allows the hosting provider to protect your student’s proprietary information, reducing your exposure. The benefits of subscribing to managed hosting include:

  • Up-to-date PCI compliance for any online purchases that students make for purchasing books, courses and supporting materials
  • Dedicated technical experts at your fingertips 24/7/365 to help solve and proactively prevent issues from happening
  • Hackers proactively blocked in real-time

Companies providing managed hosting packages have a competitive advantage at securing your learning platform. Utilize managed hosting providers as an extension to your IT department to extend your tools, and insight, that easily protects your student’s information.

Easily scale your environment with Managed Hosting

As more and more students enroll in online courses, your classes will grow larger. For higher education institutions, growing enrollment is a great problem to have. Students won’t suffer from overcrowded classrooms and your schools’ bottom line will improve. However, you will need to ensure that your learning software and your servers are capable of handling the growth.

With managed hosting, your hosting provider examines your resources to ensure that your system’s configuration is optimal and capable of handling the data students produce day in and day out. Managed hosting helps you scale your environment so that you purchase the necessary services for your organization at the time you need it most. Attempting to do this in-house can be extremely time consuming and quite costly.

Managed hosting is a great way to ensure that you have 100% uptime for your learning platform. With managed hosting, you aren’t simply maintaining your learning environment, you are creating a scalable environment that protects your ever growing student body as well as your profits. Visit Edge Hosting today to learn more about our managed hosting services and find out if you’re ready for managed hosting.

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