June 5, 2015

Learning Android Forensics

Learning Android Forensics – EBOOK Review

Book CoverForensics is the methodology of gathering data needed to uncover information that can be used to solve a crime. By following along with this book, you’ll learn most of the latest practicable technologies utilized in Android related forensics.

This book is packed with so much information simply reading it twice isn’t enough, you’ll need to make a few pots of coffee in order to digest all the information made available in this book.

Author Rohit Tamma takes a unique approach to organizing and presenting material in this book. While the humor lacks in the book it is technically sound and straight forward. After reading the book, you’ll learn how to recover deleted files, application data, and the many methods to do so are covered.

I’ve looked over this book a few dozen times already and still shake my head at the various recovery options available despite the ’security’ appliances utilized on the device and how easily they’re bypassed. So in short, don’t do anything that you’d have to hide or you’ll be pretty shocked when they uncover the deleted data you thought was gone forever!

Few books have amazed me, and I’ve probably reviewed 100 books by now, but this one has left an impression that will last for the remainder of my life. Now, that is certainly a bold claim and I certify this book is well worth such a claim.

While I would have liked to see some work on fingerprint passwords that was simply not covered in the book, but you’ll be happy to know that swipe patterns are covered which are still in wide use today.

If you’re currently in the cyber security field and are required to work on Android devices for forensic analysis then you should grab a copy immediately!

From the setup of the environment required to do the forensic work, the theory behind the work involved, and then applying it in real-world examples are what make this book worth the cost. My favorite part about this book would have to be the use of JTAG to recover data from damaged devices and why you should smash your phone into a billion pieces if you have something to hide of great importance.

This book is an eye opener and should be read by anyone who is paranoid about their security and probably why you should or shouldn’t root your Android device. The author answers everything clearly and concise with little room for misunderstanding the message behind the learning activity. The frozen device was actually really intriguing, at a certain temperature the memory contained data longer and allowed data extraction, simply brilliant if I do say so myself.

Feel free to head over to the Publishers page and grab your DRM Free Copy today: http://bit.ly/1G5E3WH

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