June 22, 2015

4 Common Managed Hosting Proposal Traps You Need to Avoid

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There are several choices out there for business owners in regards to outsourcing their servers and their data. Many companies are overwhelmed with options, and some end up choosing providers that look good on paper, but in reality don’t hold up their end of the deal.

Did you know that the Truth in Advertising laws require that all claims be backed up by proof, no matter where an ad appears, including online? In the case of fraud, the Federal Trade Commission takes action to stop the scam by filing suit, freezing the perpetrator’s assets, and obtaining compensation for the victims. The FTC “looks especially closely at advertising claims that can affect consumers’ health or their pocketbooks – claims about…conduct related to high-tech products and the Internet…”

While that’s some consolation, unfortunately it is still very easy for unknowing consumers to be lured into fraudulent proposal traps when it comes to choosing from the many managed hosting providers vying for their dollar. Here are four areas in which the majority of the “too good to be true” claims are hiding.

1) Amazingly Low Prices and/or Free Managed Hosting

Every business owner is eager to control costs in any possible way. But “You get what you pay for” is a clich√© for a reason! Discounted hosting providers working on very small profit margins can not afford to maintain state-of-the-art facilities and top-of-the-line systems, let alone sufficiently compensate professional support staff to service their customers in a timely and effective way.

Often free hosting deals involve lots of very unappealing ads cluttering up the site that you spent so much time creating! You lose control of your message and your market. Sometimes after a system failure a company may try to upsell you for services that you believed you were contracting for all along. Cheap or free managed hosting packages might be attractive in the short term, but if your livelihood depends on a consistent and reliable online presence or e-commerce site, you need 100% uptime guaranteed. Don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish” when it comes to your hosting provider choice.

2) Hidden Fees

Sometimes a price quote does not reveal the entire truth about your financial obligation. There can be a bundle of miscellaneous fees hiding in the fine print. Account setup fees are commonly tacked on the back end of the purchase agreement and not necessarily disclosed up front. Always confirm a hosting provider’s customer service fee policy in advance, and in writing. It’s not uncommon to be promised “Free! Unlimited! 24-hour customer service!”, only to find big dings on your next monthly statement for those very services.

You’ll sleep, and budget, much better if you go with a company that offers No Surprises Pricing, no nickel and diming, and no proposal traps. Your hosting fees won’t fluctuate month-to-month, and neither will your blood pressure!

3) Incredible Uptime Claims That Lack Backbone

While it is increasingly common for managed hosting companies to make clever promises of “99.9% uptime,” remember: If they do not back that up with either proof, or a clear and specific guarantee of compensation for any downtime, you are really just being spun. Look for a host that puts their promise in writing, using numbers, facts, and a contractual, enforceable legal guarantee in a Service Level Agreement.

4) Scalability Limitations

If your business starts out with a small hosting provider, pretty soon you’ll have grown your business but outgrown your provider. Keep the big overview in mind when choosing your online team, and choose one that can grow with you without missing a step.

Find a team of engineers that can proactively anticipate your growth and future needs to mitigate surprises and stalls. Edge engineers not only monitor every aspect of a client’s managed dedicated server hosting plan, they are the only hosting providers to offer clients a free technology refresh to new, upgraded hardware every 36 months.

Sometimes the best way to verify that a company is being truthful in their advertising is to ask for feedback from their existing client base. If you find pages of glowing testimonials with authentic first and last names and company affiliations on record, you know you’ve found the poster company for good managed hosting service! Visit Edge Hosting today for upfront service claims and no surprise pricing.

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