March 9, 2015

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11 Upgrades to the New ColdFusion 11


Adobe’s latest release of ColdFusion 11 promises more upgrades than ever for developers who utilize the tool to build mobile and web applications. If you’re a long time user of ColdFusion then you know why so many developers are devoted to the all-in-one platform.

Here are 11 upgrades that ColdFusion 11 is boasting. All the more reason to consider switching, or upgrading, for your next project.

  1. RAD (Rapid Application Development)
    ColdFusion is basically a RAD language that facilitates rapid development of enterprise level web applications and websites. It’s built on Tomcat, which provides improved performance and reliability.
  1. Application Server Compatibility
    ColdFusion is highly compatible with a plethora of application servers….
  1. ColdFusion Web Hosting
    In addition to development, ColdFusion can serve as a web hosting tool. Through a trusted hosting service provider, you can be up and running in no time with added support.
  1. Compression Enhancements
    ColdFusion 11 offers new compression enhancements that makes it easier to manipulate ZIP and Java Archive (JAR) files.
  1. WebSocket Enhancements
    ColdFusion 11 now supports Proxy, SSL and Cluster support by providing a messaging layer for the WebSocket protocol.
  1. Multi-Language
    ColdFusion is able to deliver a website in any language which allows developers to use the core CFML language with enhancements to the language constructs, extended tag support, enhanced script functions and more.
  1. Professional Charts
    Create highly interactive and visually appealing charts more easily by providing a utility that converts XML style to JSON styles. This feature is native to ColdFusion 11 and not provided through a third party plugin.
  1. Security
    Adobe has really beefed up security on ColdFusion 11. A few secure features include sending encrypted emals using the <cfmail> tag, support for concurrent login sessions for the same user, enabling secure IP address selection for Admin login and additional lock downs in the Administrator API.
  1. PDF Generation
    To produce high quality PDFs, ColdFusion has added 2 new tags <cfhtmltopdf> and <cfhtmltopdfitem>. PDF generation is supported on both Windows and Linux and is a native feature.
  1. Social Media Enhancements
    Keeping up with the times, ColdFusion introduced the support for dynamically generating Like, Tweet and Activity feed buttons as well as a comment box for social media sites.
  1. Spreadsheet Enhancements
    There is added support for page breaks and auto filters which makes it easier than ever to format cell columns, add images to spreadsheet objects, grab formulas for spreadsheet object cells and more.

ColdFusion 11 is a great option because it offers developers one single platforms for building web and mobile applications for enterprise solutions at a rapid fire pace.

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