August 19, 2014

New Customer Portal Feature: Real-Time SAN/NAS Storage Analytics

Netapp Storage PerformanceA key driver of application uptime is storage performance. Using storage is not enough; it is important to understand how well it is working. Until now, it has been very difficult for managed hosting vendors to provide customers real-time visibility and storage analytics for mission critical storage resources on a per volume basis.

That changes today. To ensure that “You see what we see”, the Edge team is excited to announce the release of a new and unique feature in the Customer Portal which allows for near real-time visibility into the performance of your mission critical managed storage.

To view your storage performance, simply log into the portal, where you will see an expansion icon blog_plus_expand next to each NAS or SAN volume storage device on your Dashboard. Clicking on the icon will expand the volume to display near real-time statistics with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each volume. The KPI’s are broken down into two sections, Volume Usage and IOPS. The Volume Usage statistics include the volume size, space and percentage used. The IOPS (Input and Output Operations per Second) statistics include the total IOPS, read operations and write operations.

NetApp NAS Storage Performance

NAS Performance KPIs

NetApp NAS Storage Performance

SAN Performance KPIs

On both platforms, clicking on the small graph on the left hand side of any performance counter will immediately take to you a historical graphing and an interactive trending chart.

Netapp Storage Performance

If you have questions about this or any other feature in the customer portal, please contact the Edge support team and we’d be happy to help.

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