February 19, 2014

2013 Survey Results

We’d like to thank all of our customers who participated in our annual survey. It’s your feedback that help ensure we are delivering the products and services that you need to be successful. Let’s take a moment to review some trends we’re seeing for the upcoming year.

Here are some stats we’ll cover in this report:

  • Popular Technology Stacks
  • Planned Use of Technology Stacks
  • Network Bandwidth Reporting

UPDATE: In previous years we had an “Interested” category. This year we split that option out to “Need It” and “Want It”. We’ve combined these two stats to make them more consistent with the previous years stats.

What programming language are you using?
Technology Stack 2013 2012 2011
ColdFusion 75.8% 74.6% 62.3%
Java 58.2% 47.8% 35.0%
PHP 57.4% 45.6% 34.7%
.NET 53.4% 49.0% 35.9%
Python 13.2%
Ruby on Rails 8.2% 5.9% 2.4%

This year we added python to the mix. We’ve seen a strong uptick on the adoption of Java and PHP. Adoption of .NET seems to have slowed down some. We’ll see if this trend continues next year.

What programming languages are you planning to use?
Technology Stack 2013 2012 2011
Ruby on Rails 13.1% 5.9% 3.0%
Python 7.0%
PHP 7.0% 8.4% 5.0%
.NET 3.2% 4.4% 6.0%
Java 1.8% 4.4% 5.0%
ColdFusion 1.5% 0.3% 0.3%

We continue to see strong demand for Ruby. While there was a strong interest in Ruby last year, we only saw a small uptick in terms of adoption. Interest in PHP seems to have leveled off. This could correspond with the strong uptick in use of PHP.

Which of the following are you most interested in?
Topic 2013 2012
Disaster Recovery 44.3% 74.8%
DDos (Denial of Service) Protection 41.7%
Geographically Diverse Datacenters 40.5% 57%
Content Delivery Network (CDN) 36.7%
Periodic Account Summary 34.4% 59.3%
High Availability (Load Balancing / Clustering) 32.2%
Hybrid (Dedicated & Cloud Hosting) 27.7%
Enhanced Compliance (HPAA / PCI) 27.4%
Private Cloud 22.7%
cPanel Control Panel 22.3% 37%
Cloud Usage Based Billing 18.8%
Cloud Hosting 17.3%
Unmanaged Self Service 16.1%
New Relic Integration 13.0%

There is a decent amount of topics to covered here, so lets take a look at some of the top interests.

Disaster Recovery

We’ve seen a pretty steep drop in interest in Disaster Recovery. Edge has always maintained between 2 to 3 weeks of off site backups of all of our customer data depending on the solution. For dedicated hosting customers, you can see the status of both your disk and database backups in our customer portal.

DDos (Denial of Service) Protection

A DoS attack is an attempt to make a network resource unavailable to its intended audience. At Edge we have devised some fairly cost effective strategies for mitigating DDoS attacks. If you’re interested in discussing options, give us a call.

Geographically Diverse Data Centers

After going through a series of planning exercises last year, we are expanding to 3 data centers out west. Over the next couple months we’ll share more details on the deployment. We’ll make sure we snap lots of pictures for the blog or facebook.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We have been working with EdgeCast as our preferred CDN provider since 2011. EdgeCast maintains caching servers on 5 continents delivering unparalleled speed, security, and scalability.

Periodic Account Summary

Account summaries are another high demand item–though we’ve seen the demand for this decline since last year. Last year we were in touch with a number of customers figuring out the stats they’d be interested in from a summary perspective. We already rolled out our new performance dashboards This year we will be rolling even more dashboards that will highlight key metrics at a glance for all our customers.

High Availability (Load Balancing / Clustering)

We have a number of solutions for making your networks, websites, and applications highly available. This year we are looking to offer up some of the new HA options that are available with Microsoft SQL server 2012 and Windows 2012. Our techs are very excited about the dependability of Windows Clustering with 2012, as well as the new options for SQL Always On available with SQL Server 2012.

Which of the following are you most interested in?
Network Traffic History 84.4%

The number one requested feature, both this year and last year was some statistics on our Network Traffic History. We recently launched a new part of our customer portal, labeled the “Monitoring Dashboard” in the support site. Clicking in to there there are a number of performance metrics that you can see on a per device basis including Network traffic, CPU, Memory, and other stats like that. We will be putting out a youtube video walking through a number of these changes.

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