January 23, 2014

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Game Night – PS3 – Call of Duty: Black OPS II

bopsphotoLast night we had our Call of Duty game night to settle once and for all who has the best K/D Ratio. After several warm up rounds we divided the group in half and began tournaments to determine “Best of the Best” and “Best of the Worst”.

Surprisingly it was the “Best of the Worst” tournament that resulted in some of the most awesome game moments. I think any of us will be willing to re-enact Meclar’s final kill at the end of the first BoW tournament, it was EPIC!

Kevin managed multiple killstreaks in the first “hardcore” Best of Best round, landing him multiple Air Strikes, Care Packages, and the Godly Death Machine! …which he was merciless with, ending the round with a K/D of 15/3, smoking the competition.

Round two of BoB was also played in “hardcore” mode, but this time on a boat for close quarters combat. With a come-from-behind, devastatingly bloody murder streak, Mike Web ended up the victor.

With the score tied up we went into a sudden death tie-breaker round and included Andrew who had taken 2nd in the previous two rounds. This round was in the train station, and the rules had changed… the guys were now playing in “core” mode. No longer would a single shot take you down. This meant for even more carnage and the body shots mounted! When the dust settled, the under dog had won! Andrew owned the final round to take the championship and win the coveted Call of Duty plaque.codbo2

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