October 1, 2013

Choosing The Right iMIS Hosting Provider

imisiMIS has long been recognized as a leading software application which delivers solutions for associations, non-profits and membership organizations. iMIS allows these organizations to effectively managed their donor and member relationships, manage fundraising activity, marketing activities as well as their website management.

When reviewing how best to deploy your iMIS solution, a critical decision point is where to manage the server hosting. There are a number of questions you may want to ask yourself when evaluating hosting iMIS in-house vs. an outsourced managed cloud hosting provider.

  • Can my in-house technical team maintain the critical components of the server and networking infrastructure?
  • How can I ensure I comply with the strict credit card processing guidelines?
  • What happens when we have an issue?
  • Will our memberships information be protected from hackers?
  • How much is this going to cost?

At Edge, we have been offering iMIS hosting for more than 10 years. We have many customers who we host iMIS 10 as well as iMIS 15. We know iMIS, we know what it takes to host it and keep it up, and we also partner with many of the top iMIS resellers.

Edge’s cloud server platform delivers the performance, availability, and security that iMIS hosting requires. We monitor your solution 24x7x365 and relieve you from the burden of the day to day support, empowering your IT resources to stay focused on projects that make a difference. You no longer have to be the first point of contact, we help filter only the pertinent request to you. Think: less calls in the middle of the night and weekends.

If you are worrying about:

  • Your next hardware, network or security issue or,
  • Members not being able to collaborate or pay their dues or,
  • Informing the board about surprise expenses

STOP! We are going to make you look good to your membership and to your board. Our mission is to keep you up and running so you can sleep more, at a predictable monthly price.

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