July 2, 2013

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is simply a way to taking a server and storage, slicing it into smaller pieces, and selling access to those individual components at a great cost per unit, but generally a lower price to the customer.

Think butcher shop vs Costco. At Costco, you get a great deal on steak, just a buck a pound. The catch? You just have to buy 20 pounds at a time; that’s Dedicated hosting – purchasing fixed capacity at a fixed cost and perfect if you’re hungry for resources all the time. Now at your local butcher shop, you pay $2 per pound, and as long as you want less than 10 pounds of steak, you’re getting a great deal! But only, if you’re not that hungry. That’s Cloud Hosting, paying only for what you need when you need it.

Cloud computing allows customers to tap into the excess unused computing capacity when they need it instead of paying for resources to sit idle. Cloud server hosting also removes hardware failure as a risk; the hardware is virtualized so if physical server fails, the cloud server is automatically moved to new hardware in a minute or so.

What is CloudPlus From Edge?

Edge Web Hosting’s CloudPlus managed hosting services was engineered from the ground up to answer the most important questions enterprises ask about availability, security, and scalability. Going well beyond just slicing up servers and storage into smaller components.

When Edge was designing CloudPlus, we engaged and flew in the best and brightest minds and engineering talent from around the world from Dell, EMC, Cisco and VMware to architect a next generation of Cloud hosting with one simple premise: Remove all of the traditional barriers that exist with cloud web hosting today and make dedicated hosting and cloud server hosting indistinguishable. Michael Dell even helped handpicked one of his top engineers to the lead the effort with Edge’s team.

The team utilized the best carrier and enterprise grade components and assembled them into a turnkey solution and created CloudPlus, what we believe to be the most secure, highly available and scalable cloud hosting platform for mission critical business applications available today.

CloudPlus is a turnkey solution that combines:

  • Dell Compute: High Performance Dell Blade Servers with 40 Gb bandwidth per chassis
  • EMC Storage: Insanely fast and resilient EMC VNX Storage using RAM cache, SSD and SAS 15k RAID 10, scalable to multi-terabyte storage capacities with dual channel 40 Gbps bandwidth to each storage unit.
  • Cisco Networking: The latest 10G Nexus networking and firewall technology from Cisco
  • F5 Load balancers: The fastest and most powerful Mutli-10Gb load balancers
  • VMware vCloud Powered: Virtual datacenter Hypervisor technology from VMware
  • Security and compliance solutions from enterprise software vendors such as Tripwire, Trustwave, HP and Sophos for PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II compliant hosting
  • Can be transparently integrated with physical servers to create hybrid hosting solutions.

What does Cloud hosting solve for?

  • Cost: Smaller demand environments can save money by paying only for the resources they need.
  • Availability: The cloud is inherently redundant. By hosting your systems on our cloud, you immediately gain enterprise level redundancies at the server, disk, power, and networking levels.
  • Scalability: Quick growing companies can utilize our cloud infrastructure to create highly scalable environments that can not only scale vertically to the theoretical limits of the underlying blade chassis, but also can be easily cloned, spun up and added into load balancing in a streamlined horizontal scaling model. Adding resources to your cloud is as easily as sliding a bar in your Support portal.
  • The Unknown: A lot of times customers with new projects have undefined needs. Cloud is great in those situations as you can start off with the bare minimum and only increase the resources you need to as you grow and gain a better understanding of your application requirements and user base.

Edge Web Hosting’s CloudPlus managed cloud hosting service is scalable to thousands of servers, and currently services thousands of sites and millions of hits per hour. Edge has maintained 100% uptime on our cloud platform for over 3 years now.

From the desk of Vlad Friedman, CEO @ Edge

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