May 7, 2013

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Using Leverage to Improve Effectiveness

As I was reading a great book the other day, I came upon a profound quote written over 100 years ago that clearly and concisely described the “Why” behind Edge.

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.”

Now, I’m certain back in 1911, Alfred North Whitehead, an English mathematician and philosopher, never imagined this idea, published in his book An Introduction to Mathematics would so vividly describe modern 21st century life and the premise for so many of today’s successful internet and technology businesses.

I started to consider my life today vs. just 25 years ago. All my bills from my mortgage, insurance, car payments and utilities are automated. I don’t write checks, I don’t carry cash. I don’t own any maps; I would have no idea where I’m driving without my navigation and iPhone. I’m connected every minute of every day, on IM, sms, facebook, internet, cell phone. My radio, tv and news are all automagically personalized to my interests by services like Pandora and Tivo. Even eBay and Amazon understand my buying habits and suggest what I may like. Oh, and all my data lives in “The Cloud”.

It is amazing how many things I can do “without thinking about them.” So why have I decided to give up control of so many things in my life? I realized there is only one thing I can’t get back; the only and most precious finite resource that you cannot buy more of. It’s time. I choose to focus my attention on what’s really important. Time with my family, running Edge effectively, personal and professional growth for my team and I and just having some plain ol’ fun are the things that matter most to me.

It’s all about leverage. To get everything done I need to in a day and still get my kids to sleep with a bedtime story from daddy, I have to effectively leverage service providers in my life. Each SP asks me to spend a little more of my money in exchange for giving back my time.

In the world of hosting, buying cores or gigs by the hour from a generic cloud provider or a white labeled $100 server has become as commoditized as buying a low quality car; you know what you’re going to get regardless of the dealer and the real cost of ownership is drastically higher than the initial price of the car itself. What is never discussed by commodity providers is cost of time.

While Edge has many technological differentiators like higher quality storage, free burstable resources, 9 years of 99.999% uptime and massive infrastructure, what’s really most important is people, process, and technology all coming together to drive successful outcomes.

Edge’s stated mission is to “Create secure 100% uptime hosting platforms that allow our customers the ability to leverage our people, experience, technology and infrastructure helping them to Stay up and Sleep more.”

Its Alfred Whiteheads 100 year old idea that is the beating heart of our managed services business. Edge was created to help others balance their leverage equation. When patching, monitoring, recovering, securing, tweaking, tuning, migrating, firewalling, optimizing, backing up, restoring, handling compliance, fighting off hackers, etc… think about the value of time, and how finite it is. Could yours be better spent creating that new feature, bringing in a new account, fixing a bug, having more billable hours in the day, more time to sleep at night, spending time with family and friends or taking a vacation?

What’s most important to you and how are you using leverage to get everything done in a day, “without thinking about it” as Alfred would say?

From the desk of Vlad Friedman, CEO @ Edge


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