January 24, 2013

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2012 Survey Winner

With the completion of our 2012 survey, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the survey giveaway is Mark Armstrong of Tag Resources, LLC.

Here’s a little information about his company:

TAG Resources, LLC (“TAG”) is a leading US retirement services company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. TAG pioneered the concept of leveraging small companies to better the service-pricing models. This aggregation method challenged the industry practice of over pricing the plans for small employers. TAG’s experience in leading the industry on Multiple Employer Plans has led to many enhancements that have made working with 401(k) plans easier than ever before.

Tag Resources, LLC uses our managed hosting to help keep IT costs low and leverage our in house expertise with their infrastructure. Their cloud server gives them the benefit of burst on demand resource scaling at a predictable cost.

Congratulations Mark! We’ll share some more detailed aggregate information from our survey soon.

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