January 30, 2013

2012 Survey Results

We’d like to thank all of our customers who participated in our annual survey. With the survey complete we’d like to speak briefly on our net promoter score of 69.9, and share some statistics with you.

Here are some stats we’ll cover in this report:

  • Net Promoter
  • Popular Technology Stacks
  • Planned Use of Technology Stacks
  • Informational Topics of Interest
  • Planned Self Service for 2013

Net Promoter

This year we’ve seen a slight uptick on our net promoter score. Every year since we’ve been watching this metric it has improved.

For a more detailed explanation of the Net Promoter system, see our previous post.


Year Net Promoter Score
2012 69.9%
2011 67.0%
2010 53.0%
What programming language are you using?
Technology Stack 2012 2011
ColdFusion 74.6% 62.3%
.NET 49.0% 35.9%
Java 47.8% 35.0%
PHP 45.6% 34.7%
Ruby on Rails 5.9% 2.4%

What’s interesting here is we see more people using more programing languages across the board. In addition, last year 3% of our customers were planning on using Ruby. It seems the Ruby developers fulfilled on that promise fairly precisely.

We provide managed hosting for PHP, .NET and ColdFusion.

What programming languages are you planning to use?
Technology Stack 2012 2011
PHP 8.4% 5.0%
Ruby on Rails 5.9% 3.0%
.NET 4.4% 6.0%
Java 4.4% 5.0%
ColdFusion 0.3% 0.3%

This year PHP seems to be a clear technology choice for the future. Also worth noting, interest and planning around using Ruby has close to doubled since last year. If we see a similar follow through with Ruby this year we can expect 10% of our customers to be using Ruby next year. .NET seems to have lost some ground over last year as well.

Which of the following are you most interested in?
Disaster Recovery 74.8%
Periodic Account Summary 59.3%
Geographically Diverse Datacenters 57.0%
Control Panels (cPanel, Plesk) 37.0%
Enhanced Support for WordPress 25.4%
Non-RedHat Linux Distributions 16.3%
Enhanced Support for Drupal 12.3%

There are a couple topics in here. Let’s look at some specifics.

Disaster Recovery

Given the strong interest in Disaster Recovery, we are going to put together a couple blog posts looking into how disaster recovery works. We can cover topics like the underlining technology, general policy concerning both on and off site backups, and your visibility into the backups via our customer portal.

Periodic Account Summary

This has been a hot internal topic for a while. Given your interest in getting an account summary our customers can expect to hear from us this year at a macro level. Given a couple of the other projects we have going on internally we should have more information and metrics to share with you concerning your servers and environments this year.

Geographically Diverse Data Centers

This is another hot internal topic. We are currently planning out a new data center out west in addition to the two we currently operate. As more of the details gets solidified we will run a series of blog posts about said expansion.

Control Panels

We have been undergoing some R&D for a couple months concerning introducing cPanel. We’re currently buttoning up the package, ensuring compatibility with our server stack. If this is something you’re interested please contact your account manager.

What self service functionality are you interested in?
Monitoring Dashboards 71.9%
Network Traffic History 70.6%
Single File Backup Restores 65.2%
Load Balancing 61.5%
Invoice History 59.0%
Cloud Resource Management 56.2%
Cloud Provisioning 52.4%
Software Installations 51.4%
Email Management 48.5%
Dedicated Hardware Provisioning 45.8%
Network Schematics 42.7%
Monitoring Check Creation 39.6%
NAS Resource Management 35.0%

Again there are a couple topics of interest here. A number of these topics align well with current initiatives we have. Let’s take a look at some of the specifics.

Monitoring Dashboards

We currently have initiatives underway for providing improved self service for monitoring dashboards, and server information. That this is a high demand by our customers is good reassurance that we are focused on the right things internally.

Network Traffic History

Last year we implemented a network traffic monitoring package called Lancope FlowCollector for capturing and tracking our internal network traffic. This new system captures detailed information such as protocol and endpoints about the traffic going between our servers. If you’re interested in NetFlow data about your servers, contact support and they can generate a report for you. We will be bringing on self-service for reporting over the course of this year.

Invoice History

We’ve been adding a number of new features to our portal over the last year, some of which have focused on the orders placed with our company. With order tracking now exposed, we are looking to expose more financial information such as past invoices.

Cloud Resource Management

Last year we provided beta access to self-service cloud resource management through our customer portal. After picking a CloudPlus server in the portal, you can adjust resources like RAM and CPU.

Thank you to all our customers who have taken the survey. We greatly appreciate your feedback and your business.

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