November 15, 2012

Dell Publishes Case Study On Edge Web Hosting Next Generation Cloud Hosting Solution

Learn how Dell solutions are helping Edge become more effective and efficient than ever. Edge partnered with Dell to rollout a highly scalable and available, cutting-edge VMware vCloud Powered solution. Edge customers can achieve benefits of both virtualization and a dedicated-server environment through Edge Web Hosting Cloud.

“The entire environment works in concert. There is no differential in the complexity, scale or quality of services we are able to provide in the virtual world compared with the physical world. vCloud Director orchestrates all of the resources in our cloud and delivers them up to the customer applications. If a customer needs additional processing performance or storage capacity on a short-term basis, the vCloud environment can automatically grant that increase in a way that is seamless and transparent to end users.” said Michael Jordan, Director of Network Operations.

Read the case study or find out more about our next generation managed Cloud hosting solution.

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