September 11, 2012

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Video Streaming And The Value Of A CDN

Many website today are rich with content and more and more web designers are incorporating video into their sites. For those who are new to hosting video, distributing the content at scale starts to become a challenge.


There are many variables to consider when considering hosting your own video content:

• The bitrate of the video
• The average length of each video
• The average and maximum number of concurrent users viewing videos
• Usage demand patterns

Once your video delivery begins to exceed 50 concurrent streams or 4000 videos delivered per month, based upon our experience, we recommend using Edge’s content delivery network (CDN). By offloading the delivery of the videos (either streaming or even progressive download) to our CDN, our customers gain the advantage of:

• Performance РDeliver of geographically localized streams to their end users, resulting in better delivery performance to the end user.

• High availability РYou have access to the full CDN network of streaming video or web servers (for progressive download). If the local node is offline, the traffic will route from the next closes available node.

• Scalability РYou will not have to add additional hosted media servers as demand increases. Your content is delivered across an every growing network of video streaming servers.

• Security РStreaming videos makes it much more difficult for end users to download your video and distributing it without your permission.

• Cost РCDN is a usage-based model. You only pay for the bandwidth that you use each month.

By using a CDN, our customers can ensure the highest level of service and reliability of their video solution.

Please feel free to contact one of our Sales engineers today to discuss your video delivery needs.

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