February 15, 2012

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Load Balancer Visualizations and Other New Portal Functionality

Recently we’ve been adding a couple new features to our customer portal. For our load balanced customers, we’ve added a new visualization that shows how your servers, and IPs are configured. In addition, we added search options for tickets–which was one of our most requested features from our recent customer survey.

With our new load balancing visualization, you can see how the pools, members, and nodes of your load balanced web sites are configured. If you’re a little confused by the load balancer terminology we have an article written up about it on our knowledge base. If you have any questions about the setup of your load balanced site, feel free to call us or open a ticket and one of our engineers can help.


In addition to the Visualization we’ve added some simple search and filter capabilities to our ticketing system. You can now filter tickets by Status (ex. New, In Progress, Closed), the device that the ticket was related to, or who opened the ticket. In addition, you can do a full text search over ticket number, someone’s email address, or the the content of the ticket.


If you ever have any feedback about any of our services, please, reach out to us via the feedback link on the bottom of all of our website. Your feedback matters, and helps us provide the tools that you the most.

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