November 9, 2011

Edge Upgrades Managed Hosting Network Core To 10Gb

Edge Web Hosting has successfully completed a full upgrade of our network infrastructure. Using flagship routing and switching platforms from market leader Cisco, managed hosting customers can now take advantage of enhanced network performance and increased redundancy. The upgraded core provides massive scalability, which is essential for the ever growing demand for online content and services.

Managed Hosting Now Powered By 10Gb Cisco Hardware

When data runs through a network, the speed at which it moves can be affected by several distinct factors. In addition to network configuration and details including cabling, two essential devices lie at the heart of every managed hosting network – switches and routers.

Both of these devices are similar, but not identical. In the case of a switch, we can control and manipulate the flow and direction of information, making sure that every byte goes to the right place. It is using switches that we create our network, linking individual hardware together into one connected unit. A router, on the other hand, is for the specific purpose of lying on the edge of our network, controlling the flow of data that comes in and out and to and from the wider Internet.

Not every switch and router is capable of performing to the same standard. Most commonly, hosts use 1Gb switches and routers. Many of these hosting providers then aim to offer services including managed dedicated hosting, managed cloud hosting, managed cluster hosting, and managed colocation – only to find that their network is fundamentally incapable of maintaining performance across every product.

The new 10Gb core switching and routing equipment is designed to handle data across our entire network at ten times the speed of traditional environments. Even better, we have invested in the latest Cisco hardware, guaranteeing unrivalled reliability at all times.

Fast and Reliable Managed Servers from Edge Web Hosting

A faster network means that data-intensive services will see better performance. Whether you require video streaming, live feeds or large downloads, your transfer speeds will be robust, consistent, and lightning-fast.

Edge Web Hosting remains at the cutting edge of what networks can do, resulting in a more reliable, faster, and more flexible range of managed hosting services for every customer. Whether you are looking for managed dedicated servers, managed cloud hosting, a managed cluster, or colocation, you can now enjoy consistently faster performance alongside our 100% uptime guarantee and 24/7 personal support.

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