March 24, 2011

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Edge Upgrades Zimbra Email Service

Edgewebhosting Inc. continues to provide advanced technologies to it’s customers. Recently Edgeweb’s Infrastructure team upgraded the shared Zimbra highly available clustered platform to the latest major version. Zimbra it is the email platform from VMWare, similar to Exchange but excels in many ways including functionality and management.

The Zimbra cross-platform Web 2.0 based client surpasses traditional email client capabilities by providing conversations and tagging, search-based inbox, and provides offline access to your email with Zimbra Desktop. For those customers using the Zimbra Outlook connector, the new version fully supports Outlook 2010 including advanced calendaring support. Included is support for active-sync protocols that fully support iPhone/iPad. There is also now a desktop version of the web interface that can be used instead of Outlook. The user can perform email functions even when offline and it sync’s up to the users account the next time there is an internet connection, this is the Zimbra desktop.

The advanced web-based calendar allows the user to manage multiple calendars at once and provides the free-busy look up of people, resources, and rooms. Zimbra calendering allows you to easily share and provide full delegation of your calender to other users. Calendars also sync with the Zimbra desktop and other active-sync ready programs like iCal. Zimbra allows the user to share and manage multiple inboxes, files, documents, folders, contacts, and schedules. You can have a centralized document library that includes sharing and role management. Our Zimbra service includes space on our shared Zimbra cluster or we can implement a dedicated Zimbra solution on our high performance Dell servers or in our Virtual Cloud with the same features and many more since it is dedicated to your company and users.

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