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It’s good to have an experienced guide for a migration. Someone that knows the path, where the challenges are apt to be, how to best plan for what needs to be done to achieve success. Edge has considerable experience helping clients with any number of migration challenges over the years. We have become experts with the process, engineering an appropriate solution for you that’s in alignment with your business goals and resources.

Architecting Information Infrastructures

The major challenge to application migration is that there is no single critical path. Each application has its own dependencies and structures that need to be considered. Edge Hosting is able to work with you to quickly identify the key components of your migration. We work with you architecting information infrastructures that create optimal cloud hosting environments that fit the structural needs of your applications. And, because of our accumulated knowledge and expertise, our clients are realizing the benefits of faster deployments to the cloud.

Security Focused Development Practices

Edge has a number of considerable advantages with Cloud migrations. Not the least of which being fully versed with security requirements and procedures and ensuring every security precaution is considered. Those clients that need compliant applications migrated benefit directly. Building compliance into the cloud solution from the outset is an optimal solution. Those without direct needs still benefit. We utilize our security-focused development practices to enhance the frameworks of all migrated applications. For clients that want to move to the public cloud, but do not wish to re-architect their applications/code for a dynamic cloud paradigm, we offer a stepping stone architecture. This simplifies moving applications to the public cloud.

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Migrating your hosted environment to AWS?

There are six key resources you’ll need to ensure success on AWS. Read our Hiring Guide to identify challenges you may face, talent gaps, and help you round out your IT organizational chart.

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To get started with exploring solutions for AWS and your business needs, Edge Hosting offers a free initial solutions consultation. This is an important part of our process. Too often the “one size fits all” approach is used by other vendors. While this may work for some, we find that doing things the right way the first time is the best way to achieve success.  Use the link below to let us know how we can help. Let’s build something great together.

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