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Edge Manages Compliant Hosting Complexity For You

Let’s face it, compliance hosting solutions can be complex. There are a number of interdependent controls and requirements that necessitate ongoing attention. This is where we stand ready to help you. Our robust compliance solutions deliver value to your business, ensuring everything from audit preparedness to the compliance controls you and/or your customers expect and depend on from your application.

Get the most out of AWS compliant solutions

AWS is a powerful public cloud platform. Edge helps you get the most out of AWS for your compliant hosting needs. The benefit of working with Edge is you always have the option to get the level of compliance support required depending on your business needs and internal resources. The AWS security model divides responsibility into two parts. There is the security “of the Cloud” and the security of “in the Cloud.”

Security “of the Cloud”

AWS takes on the responsibility for the security “of the Cloud.” This is the AWS Global infrastructure, which includes multiple availability zones, and the compute, storage, database, and networking services. This gives an excellent foundation to build a compliant system upon.

Security “in the Cloud”

This is where Edge takes on the heavy lifting for you. While ultimately you need to be responsible for compliance requirements of your own application, we can take on these compliance responsibilities for you:

  • Data Encryption & Data Integrity Authorization
  • Server Side Encryption (File System and/or Data)
  • Encrypted Backups with Recovery support
  • Network Traffic Protection (Encryption / Integrity / Identity)
  • Operating System, Network, Firewall Configuration
  • Platform and Technical Stack
  • Fully managed continuous monitoring and operations
  • We sign a BAA, (when applicable), that gives you the clarity you need to know.

When deploying to the AWS public cloud, you’re off to a great start with 20% of the controls needed. Edge can help you accomplish the remaining control requirements.

Managed Hosting for Compliant Cloud Solutions

Our comprehensive range of professional managed services includes monitoring, compliance-grade security, patching, backup, recovery, and tech support. These managed services proactively solve issues that affect uptime, performance, security and compliance. 95% of the time we accomplish this without requiring time and resources from our customers.

Specific Solutions for AWS

Edge Hosting has a number of specific solutions that it offers for AWS. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, let us know. We continue to add to our solutions and can work on specific and custom solutions should those be warranted. Currently, we offer:

HIPAA Compliant Hosting for AWS

PCI Compliant Hosting for AWS

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To get started with exploring solutions for AWS and your business needs, Edge Hosting offers a free initial solutions consultation. This is an important part of our process. Too often the “one size fits all” approach is used by other vendors. While this may work for some, we find that doing things the right way the first time is the best way to achieve success.  Use the link below to let us know how we can help. Let’s build something great together.

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